As The Twig Grows, So Does The Tree

I recently watched a video of funny kid fails:

While yes, it is heart warming and funny, it is a reminder of just how common knocks and falls are in childhood. It is estimated that by age 3, a child will have had three major falls such as off the changing table, out of a bed or down a flight of stairs. I know this certainly rings true for my child.  As for the number of minor falls such as tipping over on their head as they learn to sit, crawl and walk – it may be thousands of times throughout childhood.

Kids seem to bounce right back, but this may hide the subtle damage caused by these seemingly insignificant slips and falls that lead to neurostructural shifts over time.

This is why we believe the best way to protect our children against future secondary conditions is to have them checked regularly for any abnormal shifts. We use 

specific techniques with children and tailor the adjustments to the child’s size and age. This allows the best support for optimal growth.

Morgan Sheridan