Weightlifting, Recovery, and Chiropractic

I wanted to take some time to explain how chiropractic care has positively affected my life as well as say thank you to Dr. Morgan Sheridan for her amazing service. As a former athlete and current weightlifter I have done a lot of damage to my body. As a young athlete I suffered many injuries on the field. As a young inexperienced weightlifter I had poor form. Though I now take great care to lift properly I feel the pain caused by my younger years. Chiropractic care allows me to continue to do what I love.

When I came to see Dr. Morgan, I could barely hold any weight in my right hand. I was suffering from pain radiating from my right elbow to my wrist. Simply typing on the computer caused a great deal of pain. I also had a great deal of pain in my left shoulder. This of course made weightlifting impossible. At the time I was also training for an 8.5 mile Spartan Super obstacle course race, and I couldn’t train because my lower back would lock up not even a mile into a run.

Dr. Morgan was able to get me back to weightlifting and training for the Spartan Race within to two weeks. She took the time to understand what was important to me and my goals. She was able to provide immediate relief, and showed me stretches to perform at home to prevent further injury. She did a very good job explaining what she was doing, and how it was going to help in a way that was easy for me to understand. She was professional and personable. I am a licensed and registered dietitian, and I very much enjoyed discussing the latest trends in nutrition with her.

Dr. Morgan believes in what she does and that shows through her work. She cares about her patients, and really does want to help them lead a healthy life. Chiropractic care is essential to performing well in all aspects of life, and having the right chiropractor matters.

Thank you Dr. Morgan for allowing me to continue to do what I love without having to have invasive surgery, medications, or injections. Thank you for taking the time to stay abreast on not only chiropractic care but also nutrition and how it heals the body as well. Thank you for being so caring.  

- Jodie Lovell RD, LD


Pregnancy Pains Eased With Chiropractic

I sought care with Dr. Morgan Sheridan for prenatal chiropractic care during my second and third trimester in pregnancy.  I was experiencing excruciating pain walking and sitting; my mobility became severely limited. Shortly after my sessions began, Dr. Morgan diagnosed my problems as sciatic, hip and back related. I was so relieved to finally know what the root of the problem was and followed up with 1-2 sessions per week. Dr. Morgan eased my fear of having my back and joints popped. She made it painless and I would always leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated. She was so accommodating to my needs since I was further along in my pregnancy. Her attentiveness helped calm my fears, which helped me focus on the important things- having a baby! Following my delivery, I continued my sessions with Dr. Morgan. Today, I no longer suffer from chronic pain and can walk without any assistance. I now have decreased stress, improved mobility, and even improved sleep! I thought that pain was a normal part in pregnancy but that’s just not the case. With the help of Dr. Morgan, I’m feeling like myself again.

- Sue Li


Pain Then Happiness

After many breaks, falls and concussions as a downhill slolam mountain biker,  it wrecked my body. I was recommended to start under chiropractic care with Dr. Morgan - this moment still to this day stands out in my life. After meeting with the doctor I realized how many injuries I've been carrying for far too long. From having a twisted rib cage, to uneven shoulder heights, out of place bones in my skull, daily headaches, and infertility. My before thoughts we're simply put as such; "you can't fix what's already been broken". However, I was entirely wrong.
Chiropractic, has been a miracle in a sense to me. Dr. Morgan Sheridan helped bring me back to health and wellbeing through skilled neurostructural adjustments. I am now free from constant pain and able to stay walking, aligned, and happy. Thank you Dr. Sheridan for the gift of happiness. 

- Stephen


Improved pain, Sleep and Flexibility

After beginning care at Foundation Chiropractic, I have experienced less shoulder pain  that allows for better sleep. I have improved flexibility and mobility so much that my body and joints feel better. I also feel better overall day to day.

- Thomas


Unexpected Benefits

I have spent 30 years avoiding chiropractic care. I decided to give Dr. Sheridan a try - wow! It has been life changing! Numbness from a neck fusion has decreased significantly. Pain in my power back that I have dealt with for 20+ years is nonexistent now. Another huge benefit that I did not anticipate has been the elimination of heartburn. It was not common for me to go through 12 or 15 antacid tablets a day. I have not needed any for weeks! Than you Dr. Sheridan for showing me how I am supposed to feel! 

- Scott