Infertility is defined as a couple’s inability to become pregnant after 1 year of intercourse without using birth contraception. However, it is important to note that, “normal fertility” is defined as the ability to naturally conceive within 2 year’s time. Statistics report that the infertility culprit is a combination of ovulation dysfunction, fallopian tube problems or other pelvic and hormonal problems.

Medical management of fertility often includes medication, surgery and other invasive forms of treatment for the physical component. These interventions can manipulate the hormonal influences on the menstrual cycle. This type of intervention directly affects the individual’s hormonal balance whether the predisposed condition is a result of physiological dysfunction or whether it is nothing more than variant. 

If the risk factors of conventional medicine are not enough to search for other treatment options then certainly the economic factor will be motivation to seek alternative care. Statistics report that cost for fertility treatment can be as much as $6000 for fertility medication therapy per cycle and $10,000 for assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF per cycle. Considering that multiple cycles must be attempted for a possibility of success, these costs can add up very quickly.

Increased function of the autonomic nervous system as a result of chiropractic care appears to benefit normalization of the menstrual cycle, in this case regular ovulation occurred and subsequent pregnancy. Upon review of current chiropractic research regarding fertility:

  • Couples wanting to become parents must know that chiropractic is a viable, natural choice. Family wellness begins with conception. The importance of a functional nerve system is vital for parents to be made aware of. With regular chiropractic care, families have a unique opportunity for optimal health and wellness.

  • The potential impact that chiropractic can continue to have on our culture and economy and, more importantly, on an individual’s quality of life, is accomplished through the increased public awareness of chiropractic and published research. As our efforts to tell others bear fruit, the impact on family wellness will be momentous.