Crawling Is The New Plank

You learned to crawl as a baby but - why is this motion beneficial to anyone past infancy? 

Using cross crawl motions is a reset for your brain, nervous system, paraspinal support muscles and pelvic stability. Having older children crawl has been shown also improved coordination, sensory integration, behavior, and skills in reading and writing. These benefits don’t end in childhood and carry on into all ages.

Crawling is any form of cross-lateral pattern that causes the opposite side of your body to 

work in unison. This means you may already see it in the gym - it may be disguised as "bird dog", mountain climbers, or scissor crunches. 

So how can you support your neurostructural correction by crawling? I suggest you start with 5-minutes each day. Find a spot, preferably with carpet or rubber flooring to make it a bit easier on your knees, and start crawling like a baby. Be sure to plant one hand then bring the opposite knee forward. Hold your core in tightly and keep your back neutral to prevent swaying. Concentrate on form, not speed. After you get used to the motion you can add in variations such as crawling backwards or on uneven surfaces such as stairs, hills or sand.

Morgan Sheridan