Are Your Kids Sprouting Like Weeds?

While halloween is most likely the time of year you will see skeletons walking around, Spring is when those bones do the most growing - 3x as fast in fact! 

Our bodies are made up of 206 bones and are 4x stronger than concrete. 26 of these bones are in your spine to protect your spinal cord, provide structure and allow motion.

As kiddos grow at such a fast rate, there are a few things to remember to keep their bones healthy as they "spring" into their new bodies:


  • Get them outside! Vitamin D is essential in bone health and growth. Limit sunscreen use for peak hours of the day (10:30am-3:30pm)


  • Schedule their Neurostructural correction to be sure their nerve tissue is protected by properly aligned spinal bones

By keeping those developing bones healthy and strong, you may end up at the mall shopping for the next sizes sooner than you thought. Happy Spring!

Morgan Sheridan