Why Infants Need Neurostructural Correction

Birth trauma can lead to neurological dysfunction, because 65% of neurological development occurs in the first year, it is crucial to optimize these structures and allow your child the best possible chances and normal, healthy neurological development. 

What  does the research say?

A recent study by Viola Frymann, an osteopathic doctor, revealed that out of 1,500 babies - 

  • only 10% had perfect skulls without cranial restriction 
  • 10% had severe trauma to the head 
  • 80% had some strain patterns

Dr. Abram Towbin, a Harvard pathologist found spinal injury is a common result of the bathing process as well as in many cases of SIDS.

Another study by Dr. Gutmann, found in 1,000 infants, 80% had some form of nerve dysfunction.

Very short labor, very long labor, failure for the cervix to dilate, use of Pitocin, use of forces or vacuum extraction, cord around the babies neck and cesarean can all alter the normal structure that may lead to nervous dysfunction. 

For these reasons, infants should be checked and assessed by a pediatric chiropractor as soon after birth as possible. 


Morgan Sheridan